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Focused and personal

  • Identified professional growth opportunities
  • Surfaced insight into your work trends and burnout
  • Recommendations for calendar management
  • Smarter meetings and time optimization
  • Tone and communication coaching

Context aware

  • Integrations with the tools you actually use
  • Powerful tasks, next level prioritization of your time
  • Beautiful Notes (Markdown, CLI, API and Git)
  • Simple Chat (Slack light), integrated throughout
  • Revision tracking everywhere

Ready for teams

  • Matchmaking for human mentorship and coaching
  • Persistent coordination of shared goals
  • Targeted interaction focused feedback
  • Team goal tracking and alignment
  • Operational tools for remote team inclusion

Made to evolve

Powerfully integrated and intelligent tools.


Intuitive interfaces for making important decisions.

Digital Coach

Robotically identifying, communicating and augmenting how you operate.

Active Feedback

A consistent conversation about alignment, transparency and performance.

Alignment Tools

A suite of tools to facilitate planning, prioritization and communication.

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People around the globe use activecove to work smarter.

Getting a notification that a team member is consistently working extended hours without taking any vacation to recharge gave me the insight necessary to connect with them and provide the necessary encouragement to avoid a costly burn out situation.
Aaron Reyes
CTO @ SpaceCube
Everytime I open the dashboard it's easy to see how I can support my team members, communicate more effectively or simply operationally unblock someone as discussed in a recent one-on-one meeting. It gives me peace of mind to know that I am making the biggest positive impact on the team that I possibly can.
Meghan Caldwell
CTO @ The Web Works
After a one-on-one with a team member you get this handshake event in the timeline, where both parties acknowledge and agree to deliver on the previously discussed action items. It really drives home the fact that you are both on the hook for that meeting to result in positive results.
Jeremy Boyd
CEO @ Fast Banana

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