Workflow  intelligence for software developers

ActiveCove gives you personalized analytics about how you code, allowing you to experiment, measure and advance your craft.

Self analytics in VS Code

Advance your craft with personal dashboards. Track and analyze every aspect of how you code.

What makes up my day?
Dissect your week and get a comprehensive picture of how you spend your development time.
What is your flow state?
When am I most productive? Understand your daily habits to fine-tune your work and life.
What goes into a commit?
Do you code efficiently? Are you distracted? Identify, experiment and eliminate recurring sticking points.
Time to brush up your skills?
Understand your depth and breadth. Focus your personal development efforts and identify unintentional silos limiting your learning opportunities.

Interested in your metrics?

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Meet Marquee!

The missing homescreen for VS Code.

A highly configurable dashboard of useful infotainment and deeply integrated productivity tools to supercharge your development workflow.

Productivity tools
Keep track of workspace specific context through a better workspace manager, flexible todo's, a code snippet stash, and powerful wysiwyg notes widget.
News and trending
Stay on top of what's going on outside your editor, by quickly checking trending repo's on Github and the HackerNews feed. Not to mention planning your breaks by checking the weather widget.
Deeply integrated
Manage all your Marquee data directly through the native tree view to avoid leaving the editor. You can also automatically generate todo's from code comments and create or insert code snippets with a click.
Analytics (coming soon)
Configure powerful self analytics dashboards driven by the ActiveCove data platform, to help you understand how you code and unlock insights to advance your craft.

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Todos in your IDE with rhyme & reason

Users have been enthusiastic about the Marquee feature for quickly jotting down todos while hunkered down over code. With a myriad of repos open, the ability to switch back and forth between workspace and global modes has proven enormously helpful in bringing order to todo list chaos.


What's on your VS Code home screen?

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