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Explore your coding metrics, time utilization, focus / flow-state, technology surface area and more!


Share your real-time coding status with peers and auto-set your DnD in Slack when you're in flow.


Passively capture high value coordination opportunities, and avoid costly conflicts way before they happen.

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From the blog

A stream of conciousness on developer productivity.


Building analytics for developers

Read about what we're building at ActiveCove, why we think it matters, and the questions that our initial feature set aims to answer. In short, we plan to provide developers metrics about how they code, allowing them to redesign their workflow and habits.


Starting ActiveCove Inc.

Announcing that we're starting ActiveCove, why we're doing so, and what we're building.


Todos in your IDE with rhyme & reason

Users have been enthusiastic about the Marquee feature for quickly jotting down todos while hunkered down over code. With a myriad of repos open, the ability to switch back and forth between workspace and global modes has proven enormously helpful in bringing order to todo list chaos.

Looking for Marquee?The VS Code homescreen project is alive and well.