Self analytics for software developers

Insight into how you code, distilled and actionable.

Meet Marquee!

Marquee is a VS Code extension designed to naturally integrate with your development flow, so that you will no longer lose track of your thoughts while you're coding.

  • Productivity tools

    Keep track of workspace specific context through a better workspace manager, flexible todo's, a code snippet stash, and powerful wysiwyg notes widget.

  • News and trending

    Stay on top of what's going on outside your editor, by quickly checking trending repo's on Github and the HackerNews feed. Not to mention planning your breaks by checking the weather widget.

  • Deeply integrated

    Manage all your Marquee data directly through the native tree view to avoid leaving the editor. You can also automatically generate todo's from code comments and create or insert code snippets with a click.

From the blog

A stream of conciousness on developer productivity.


Getting on top of my unsaved files in VS Code

One of the most important and unacknowledged pieces of my development workflow is the power of copy & paste. How else would I transfer code of Stack Overflow into my editor?

Jan Delay


Lost in VS Code windows?

Capture your thoughts within and between VS Code workspaces.

Jan Delay


Hello world, Marquee

About the launch of Marquee, our motivations for building it and where we see it going in the future.

Archibald Kingsley

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