We build smart software for team operations.

Our company was started to remedy the lack of data driven, domain aware, operations focused tooling available to enable teams. Too often talented invidividual contributors to end up in management roles for the first time without the training and support they need to be successful. On the bright side, we believe a signficant portion of the duties expected from this new role, are better suited for a computer who can then distribute responsibility across the team.

Our job is done when we've provided a platform that puts the responsibility and ability to effect team success into the hands of a teams members.



To create a future where team advancement is powered by AI.

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At the end of the day what matters is that we are making progress towards our mission and that our ideas and hard work are directly translating into features that delight our customers.

Product First

We prioritize our energy and decision making by doing research, looking at data, listening to our customers and making our product the best that it can possibly be.


We keep it real, by telling the uncomfortable truth and being open about our lives, needs, failures and accomplishments.

Be Awesome

Respect yourself and the organization, represent the company like a professional and treat the other humans on the team as you want to be treated.

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