Supercharged flow for software developers

Flow analytics and integrations to encourage sustainable working habits.

Optimizing for flow should be fun

Explore your flow analytics through our rich and personalized dashboard. Configure webhooks or connect Slack to share your current flow-state and minimize context switching.

“Programming involves intense focus in flow state. If interrupted, it takes several minutes to get back to this state. I ignore interruptions like email until I reach a stopping point. My undivided attention increases the quality of both the code and the help I give to others.”

Inbox user interface

Clarity and progress

It must be effortless to understand how you work today and the opportunities in front of you.

Healthy habits
We will help you look at your data through a lens that promotes a sustainable workflow and lifestyle -- connecting the impact of coding to the real world.
Meaningful goals
Your data holds the keys to behavioral changes to help you advance your craft, work more sustainabily, or apply yourself more effectively -- turn them into attainable goals.
Automated and personalized
Let us recommend goals based on your real data and congratulate you when you've achieved them. Also let us remind you in realtime as you alter your habits and improve your health.
Health analytics

Your time is precious

Awareness of how your focused time is allocated can help you make important decisions about how to optimize your impact.

Project allocation
The way you plan your week is not always aligned with the way your time is consumed, see it plain and simple.
Concentration and function
As you move between projects, understand how your attention is allocated, reading, writing and debuging can all be high value functions - but over time can surprise you.

Know yourself

Real data about the technology you use and what that means for the problems you need to focus on solving.

Technology surface area
Understanding the technology involved in your day-to-day can help you make good decisions about the work you take on, or personal growth investments.
Your place in the stack
Based on other developers in our system, we can help you understand your developer persona which can be important for designing the career you want.

Context reloading

Moving context around in the brain is expensive, and while your in a flow-state it can be very difficult to recognize trends outside of your focus. We collect and summarize important metrics from your workflow, so you can expedite the trip down memory lane.

Automated standup
A precise overview of the work you did in a specified day, designed to help you remember and clearly communicate how you spent your time.
Hot zones
Inordinate amounts of time in a file, function or a specific part of the codebase can indiciate that there are efficiency opportunities you may want to take on.

Interested in your metrics?

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