Let us tell you a story.

Often teams are so busy and focused on the daily grind, that no one takes the time to look up from their keyboards, whiteboards and project boards to realize that they could be happier and more productive.

Productive knowledge workers are at their best when their minds and emotions are free of distraction. Do you have a career growth plan? Do people think you are good at your job? Is it clear what you were supposed to take away from your one-on-one? What goals does your team have this quarter? It's easy for these small but important details to build up and disengage motivated team members.

But, Managers?

Managers are more effective when the team rocks.

Between the hiring budget, juggling incoming resume's, participating in meetings all day long, and justifying the late feature deliverables... resources are limited. How does one find the time to make sure the team is inspired, aligned, happy, engaged in their work AND constantly advocate to ensure everyone is fairly compensated!??

Even when a manager is a rock star spreadsheet wizarding calendar guru, couldn't that time be put to better use? To think creatively? To inspire? We enable managers to be more, when daily operations are handled by activecove and the team.

Harness the data

Computers are particulary good at bringing order to chaos.

The team is constantly having high value social and logistical interactions within itself, but also with creative and productivity tools. This generates a lot of structured data, some of which is often inconsistently used to guage the success and health of the team. One of the key tools and philosophies of active feedback is a continuous smart conversation with each team member, regularly using a minimal amount of time, to collect important and targeted reactions about different aspects of ones work experience.

When combined with huge amounts of meta data from planning and technical conversations, work tickets, code contributions and the calendar, we have everything we need to start forumating some team insights. This is how the activecove platform works to help your team, and once you start, you can't live without it.

Meet our Digital Coach

The extra hands and brains you wish you had.

After the robots do their magic, they have produced a gold mine of actionable insights and recommendations to be delivered with helpful context to each team member. This way everyone on the team is never without the best possible up-to-date information to ask questions and start necessary conversations or make outstanding work and life decisions.

The new reality

We are just getting started.

Now that the busy work is done, if a lead, manager, director, etc, etc joins activecove as a team member, they can request to be activated. This means, each member of the team, and someone within the HR department at your company need to verify this persons role before we give them another level of useful insight. Once a manager is activated within a team, we can start coaching them on how to be better at their job, and to more effectively support their team. We also work hard to keep them accountable.

And finally, everyone is empowered to receive and provide each other real time, constructive feedback to help the team constantly grow and improve.

A happy team

Aren't you glad you joined us?

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